Ozone Machine For Cars

Ozone machines for cars employ high ozone shock treatment. Ozone machines are able to remove persistent odors, but without the longer time required of other treatments. In order to prepare your vehicle for ozone machines, here are some of the steps the process requires. First, remove the cause of the smell. Mold can accumulate to give the car a specific smell, so it’s best to clean the areas where they have built up. Spills can easily be removed, while insects need specific treatments.

The next step involves preparing the ozone machines. The setup will depend on the model of the generator. Smaller ozone machines for cars are the easiest to place in the vehicle since they only require the cord to be slipped in through a window. Other ozone machines have round end caps—these require you to hook a standard dryer vent tube on the generator output. Then you need to pipe the ozone into the vehicle and plug it on to the window; a large gap within the window is needed for the dryer tube to function.

The ozone machines treatment itself requires the car to be turned on as the ventilation system is re-circulated. The fans within the ozone machine will be turned on for 15 minutes a cycle. If the odor originates from the ventilation system itself, then the fans will be turned on for a longer period.

The period at which ozone machines for cars are turned on will depend on the odor type, odor level, vehicle size, and other related factors. There is no one specific way to run the machine, so try experimenting with different settings. Start by leaving the machine on for eight hours. Once that period is done, you can let the vehicle air out, and then check if the odor has been removed. If the odor remains, you can keep it on for a longer period but with a smaller amount of ozone. You can also opt to leave it for as long as one day or two, depending on how distinct the smell.

Ozone machines also leave a residual smell from the by products of the reactions. The by products’ smell usually lasts on the carpets and fabrics, but are only temporary. There is no need to worry about them lingering. However, if you want to use your car ASAP, you may leave the windows open while you drive or park in a safe area with the windows down. You can also wipe down the seats, floor, and dash—any areas that have soft surfaces. Don’t forget to vacuum the carpets to remove the residual smell completely.

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