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Air has become so polluted that people have started buying their own ozone machines to sanitize the air they breathe within their homes. Ozone generators which they’re also called are used in sensitive business establishments and those following health protocols as well. It is important to consider buying an ozone machine because of recent respiratory problems arising from polluted indoor air in the environment. Not only that, air pollution also contains various kinds of bacteria that can be harmful to individuals especially children and the elderly with low stamina.


  • What’s so important about ozone?

ozone in natureOzone is produced naturally in the environment. It is produced even more during the lightning in a thunderstorm. Quite powerful, the ozone is capable of destroying germs and bad odor in each air particle in the atmosphere. Ozone kills the bad bacteria and eliminates the bad odor. As a result, the bad bacteria or germs will not be able to reproduce anymore. Ozone machines produce the same ozone found in the environment and is used to clean the bad bacteria and remove the bad odor at home or in any establishment.


  • What is a Ozone Machine?

An ozone machine is a powerful tool in removing any kind of bad odor like those coming from cigarettes and scommercial ozone machinetale alcohol. In a normal day, one will not be able to get rid of the bad odor coming from a last night’s partying right away. Air freshener will not make a great difference and even opening windows will not take away that smell stinking up the home. It gets worse when a guest visits and smells the same odor too. With the help of the ozone machine, odors are cleaned up because the generator does the job. It will be able to eliminate the foul smell room after room leaving no stain of last night’s event. This does not only apply to cigarettes or alcohol, but to all foul-smelling things that enter the home.

  • Ozone Machines and Air Pollution

This product is also helpful in removing odors caused by the neighborhood. It could be a fire from a nearby place, smoke coming from a restaurant, or those coming from a chimney top. Wherever it’s coming from, it’s a sure thing that the smoke will enter the house and give you that awful smell without prior notice. It is unavoidable but it can always be resolved. With the help of the ozone machine, even the smoke coming from the wild fires will totally be removed, leaving clean and fresh air. This is one great help most especially to people who have respiratory ailments like asthma. The generator makes itself a superhero of its own for its contribution in the environment and to people.

  • Is ozone effective on odors & germs?

ozone for odorsNot only does the generator eliminate odor, it also kills molds and mildew. These are viruses and bacteria that could be lingering inside the house and freely passes from place to place. It is made of micro bacteria that cannot be seen by the naked eye. These molds are harmful to any person’s health because it does not only produce itchy eyes and throats, it also produce diseases when inhaled or worse, digested in whatever way possible. In order to absolutely remove these bacteria out of the household, general cleaning is not enough. Ozone generators are the only machine that can kill those bacteria at the maximum level. It is advised than when it is done, all members of the household should go out of the room because in order to remove the bacteria, there is a need to produce a high concentration of ozone. That is how serious it gets. More so, there are different kinds of generator for purposes of removing bacteria. It differs when it is residential or commercial because there are different amount of ozone concentration needed to totally remove the molds or mildew.

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  • Ozone machines for cars

There are also some other uses of the ozone machine like cleaning an ever-precious personal car. Through time, and every day use of a car develops odor and bacteria coming from road smoke, food spill, and the most usual, cigarette smoke. With the use of the generator, it can take off all the foul smell and the molds. People will be surprised that it still smells like brand new. Say thank you to ozone air cleaners.

Just be reminded that the ozone machine is a machine that only works with electricity flowing through its veins. Once immersed in water in any way possible, it surely will stop working and even of it doesn’t, there is a high percentage that it will not work well.

Very Important!
These ozone machines produce very high levels of ozone, they are only to be used in unoccupied rooms!
Ozone generators are not air cleaners, and are not safe to use while the space is occupied.

Read what the E.P.A. says about ozone machines that are marketed as “Air Cleaners”.

Ozone Machines that are Sold as Air Cleaners (EPA site)


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